Saturday, September 10, 2005

Work on Bush' campaign, get a job you are not "higly qualified" for

All the talk about FEMA director Brown's lack of qualifications has made me think about others who now have cushy govt. jobs they don't deserve.

Spellings, current Sect. of Education, has absolutely zero qualifications for her job. She is not a teacher, never has been. She worked on Bush's campaign.

Ditto, Rod Paige. Many know he was the Supt. of Houston schools (and gained the district notoriety for the miracle that wasn't). Few know, however, that he has never held a teaching job. Paige was a school board member who politicked his way into the Supt's job. He even received a special waiver from the state of Texas, since the job usually requires academic certification.

The Bush govt is filled with people with the potential to make a mess with their incompetence. Let's hope Spellings doesn't do a Brown on education. Too bad Bush doesn't insist his people be "highly qualified".


Dan Edwards said...

Great Observation ! Seems with Georgie II, what is good for the gooses aint' good for the gander.

EdWonk said...

At our site, where we keep an eye on Ms. Spellings and her Mandate, I don't recall seeing classroom teaching on her resume. I suppose that makes her an expert on classroom teaching. I would gladly give a week's pay to watch her teach my 35 seventh-graders for five days. I don't think that she would make it to Friday.