Monday, May 23, 2005

Teachers begging for money

I came across this website via a posting at Joanne Jacobs and at first I thought it was great; teachers could reach out to their communities for financial help with special projects they want to do with their students. The more I think about it though the more I realize how sad it is teachers have to go begging for money to do such things.

In one poor example a teacher is begging for money to equip a class library .

All in all, it speaks wonders about the funding of public education.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Progressive Education?

Earl Hadley, of Campaign For America's Future/ has a great op-ed piece on NCLB. I especially liked this comment:

The Times ignores the possibility that it makes sense to listen to the concerns of those implementing the law in the classroom. It ignores the possibility that teachers may dislike teaching to a test for the same reasons as parents and are not just acting out of a fear of accountability.

At times I feel like I'm wallowing in a sea of teacher-hating reformers and its nice to see someone out there understands we are fighting for what's best for our children and we're not just lazy and incompetent.