Saturday, March 29, 2008

"Get Those Test Scores Up Or I'll Kill You"

Of course, it had to have happened in Texas, where the drive to destroy public education began via high-stakes testing. A principal has threatened 'I will kill you all and kill myself.' if TAKS science scores don't improve.

Now I'm not the least big surprised an administrator would do something this stupid; stupid administrators give me plenty to write about. And if you've read my blog you know I believe the entire purpose of NCLB is to destroy public education. What better way than to place insane pressures on administrators until they snap?

What really shocks me about this story is the comments made about the Houston Chronicle story. While most are outraged, many feel this is totally appropriate in order to get those lazy and incompetent teachers to do their jobs.

Here are some choice tidbits:
ConservativeVoice wrote:
This is what public school brings you.

mamby pampy teachers...crying. thats so funny compared to how they treat students.

paulinindy wrote:
finally someone thats deadly seriour about educating our kids.

The National Education Association's finest!

I don't know nubian, maybe the district should let the principal follow through with his threat. Then maybe the new science teachers will have the perfect example of Darwinism.

I don't know if the individual was making a real threat or not, but if he or she was, maybe the teachers got the message. Shape up or ship out.

finally some much needed discipline in our school systems

sounds to me like the teachers are nothing but a bunch of babies who cant be serious when they think he really meant he was actually gonna kill them then himself. he was not joking about the serious nature of the TAKS tests but used the "killing" as a way of getting his point across. some people have no common sense. that is who is teaching our kids! what a disgrace! bunch of whiny babies!

oh yes, and I am sure he was serious, please, we need to get rid of all of these whiney teachers and get some that have some balls.

The only question I have is whether or not the grades improved.

sounds to me like these teachers need to get off their lazy whiny pansies and teach the children! thats probably why they had low test scores...too much talking amongst each other and not teaching!

I'm sure that somewhere people from the Business Roundtable, the Fordham Foundation, the Broad Foundation and many other "compassionate conservative" groups are having a good chuckle at not only the havoc they've sewn, but the clowns who have swallowed their lies.

BTW, all comments were copied and pasted directly from the Houston Chronicle article.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Don't Cry For Me

Someone obviously had too much free time on their hands, but dang, I wish I'd have thought of it first.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I Thought These Summed Things Up Nicely

I've written before about how I feel we're purposely being shafted by the oil companies, while oilmen Bush and Cheney stand by and doing nothing. I thought this cartoon by Mark Cohen summed it up nicely.

The Exxon cartoon is by John Sherffius.

Now the economy is in the tank and Bush seems even more clueless.

This video shows how much Bush and co. care about what we think.

Remember, a poor and uneducated population equals low wages and docile workers. The real plan of the Bush owners

Sunday, March 09, 2008

'Cuz You Had A Bad Day

I hate that American Idol exit song from last year, but it seems appropriate for this picture.

It's Spring Break, so I refuse to take anything too seriously.