Friday, April 14, 2006

A Cost Analysis For Texas Public Schools

Hosted at Round Rock ISD this cost analysis of Texas public school spending outlines how Texas schools spend their money. Some of the items over very interesting, considering Gov. Goodhair is trying to push through the 65% delusion.

Purchases that are not counted as
“instructional” are critical to the educational
process. Non-instructional purchases
include many items that directly
impact students. Some of these purchases
involve transporting students to and
from school, providing meals in school
cafeterias, maintaining school buildings,
heating and cooling classrooms, and paying
the salaries and benefits of nurses,
counselors, and school principals.

Not factored in to Gov. Goodhair's plan is the skyrocketing cost of transporting students. For myself alone the cost of traveling to school has gone up $13 a week in the last month. I can't imagine what it costs to fill a school bus.

Another interesting tidbit:

Per student spending over the past three
years has been slightly below the rate of
inflation. . .On average, basic educational spending
fell $53 per student short of keeping
pace with inflation.

In short, a classroom with 20 students has lost the equivalent of $1,060 of funding in the last 3 years, due to legislative negligence of school funding.


Onyx said...

Yes and our dropout rate has increased too. Who loses? Everybody. Texas has dropped from 25th in per pupil spending to 40th.

Mike in Texas said...

There's also stories saying Texas is the only state where per pupil spending has dropped. Of course, the gov.'s office denies all this.

NYC Educator said...

I'm sure Texas has good reasons for this. Do you think it was easy or cheap to fabricate the "texas Miracle?"

And isn't it expensive to execute all those people? Next you'll be wanting unions.