Saturday, February 12, 2005

Texas Computer Educator's Association Conference

I just returned from the TCEA conference and I had a great time among the vendors. I was fortunate enough to win a CPS system from EInstruction . Our 4th grade teachers have been clamoring for some and our Science/Social Studies Curriculum person has been searching for grants to purchase some for our school. I believe EInstruction has a special right now that if you buy one system you get one free and they throw in 2 of their Chalkboard tools for free. I've had a chalkboard on order from them but they are so popular they cannot keep them in stock. The software is outstanding and a new update will be out in the Spring that will make it even easier to use.

I also purchased a copy of Hash, Inc.'s Animation Master. If you've ever seen the short movie of the dancing Alien singing "I will survive", only to have a disco ball crash on her, then you have seen what this program can do. I'm hoping both my kids and I will be successful in learning how to animate.


EdWonk said...

Came over from Polski's (though I've read your comments at Joanne's place.) Has your grantwriter tried the Bill and Melonie Gates Foundation?

Mike in Texas said...

Take money from the Evil Empire?

Actually, I'd take money from anyone. We usually get grants from two local organizations, The Temple and Kurth Foundations. Thank you for the suggestion though and I will look into it.