Thursday, March 10, 2005

My state representative, Roy Blake, sold his district out

Despite a wealth of opposition from every education group in the state and despite overwheliming evidence it will be harmful to his home district, my state representative chose to be a good little Republican soldier and voted for CSHB2, whose primary purpose is the destruction of public schools. The voting record can be found here.

I will post more specifics when I have more time.


Dan Edwards said...

Bshaing Education, teachers and public schools must be a virus or something among the Republicans....
Here in California, my local rep in the State Assembly, is sponsoring a "Put Kids First" Act that would ""raise the probationary period for teachers from two to five years, require teachers to have five consecutive satisfactory evaluations before achieving "permanent" status and allow any permanent teacher who receives two consecutive unsatisfactory evalualtions to be fired without being able to challenge the evaluations.""
An attack on tenure as advocated by Gov. Muscles. Like merit pay, this allows for any administer that doesn't like a teacher to more easily 'get' that teacher. I don't know the whole wording of this proposed law, but I know my evaluations include a number of areas of evaluation' does this mean that "unsatisfactory" is for one of those evaluation areas, or two of them or ????

I hope your teachers and state union go after this Roy Blake if he is as "bad" for education as you've written. Has he done anything for teachers or schools in his district?

Mike in Texas said...

Hey polski,

He passed legislation that benefits exactly 1 of the 50 or so school districs in his congressional district.