Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Never step on ticky-tack

Well school is back in session and last week while putting up some posters on the walls outside my lab I learned another one of life's important lessons.


Its worse than gum when it comes to trying to clean it off.

Other impt. life lessons I've learned.

Never run over a newspaper with a lawnmower. Unless you have an hour to kill.

You can't tell people something they don't want to hear. I wish I would remember this one the next time I get in a heated debate with some on Joanne Jacobs.

You can't look cool driving around in a 1985 Toyota Tercell. Sadly, I learned that one through personal experience.

Anyone care to add some more?


Dan Edwards said...

Mother Nature does not want you sitting in a cool, airconditioned house watching tv or playing on your computer. She makes it rain, she makes your crappy bermuda grass lawn thrive in the heat which leads you to have to temporarly abandon your comforts to mow the lawn. That is, unless you'd rather rent a brushhog to start on the jungle that is a work in progress.....

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

If you work in a building designed for air-conditioning, (meaning, it has no windows) the AC or the electricity will go out during the hottest day of the first week back to school, and you'll have to entertain 30 teenagers in the steaming hot dark until 10:30, so it will count as a full day of attendance.