Thursday, September 08, 2005

U.S. Dept. of Education paid for pro-NCLB/anti-public school ads

From the Dallas Morning News comes this article describing a report from the dept's inspector general. One Texas author, Marcela Garcini, director of parent outreach for the Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options, wrote, at taxpayer expense she was "tired of hearing excuses about the lack of funding for schools, particularly under No Child Left Behind."

Ms. Garcini did not disclose the payment she received from the Dept. of Education though she did own up to it after the fact.

Dallas schools spokesman Donald Claxton said, ''It would be disappointing to find out the federal government is paying someone to write ugly things about us."

Where is the outrage from all the groups who claim schools are squandering all their money? Why aren't they furious about this waste of taxpayer money?

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