Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My son's apartment

My son is 21 years old and lives with 3 other males. Needless to say his apartment does not stay clean but last weekend I saw something I have never seen before.

Ladies and gentleman I give you:

Mold growing on a plastic shampoo bottle!

Other pictures for your viewing displeasure include:

This lovely sofa-sleeper was purchased at a garage sale for only $20. The stain in the lower left corner is ketchup. As an added bonus it came with its own set of sheets! No charge!

No swinging bachelor pad would be complete without a counter space full of empty liquor bottles. Always sure to impress the ladies!!

Another surefire way to impress the babes is with a room like this. I'm pretty sure that somewhere in there is a bed and a computer I seem to remember costing us a lot of money.


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Dan Edwards said...

I've seen much worse. After high school, a couple of my buddies wanted me to move in to an apt. with them. It featured a front door that wouldn't open, a one foot wide hole in the bathroom floor in which resided, probably amist other critters, the biggest coachroach I'd ever seen. Dishes got washed when someone's girlfriend was talked into doing them, the water system was hooked up to an unfiltered, unclorinated, canal, there was no tank for bottled water, their TV only had the picture on half the screen and empty liquor bottles were never lined up so neatly as those shown in the picture from your son's apt. But the kicker for me NOT to move in with them was the fact that neither one of them worked very often or steadily, and I did. I wasn't about to be their sugar daddy!