Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Texas Surpreme Court does Gov. Goodhair's bidding

Althouth the Texas Supreme Court did rule the state's funding system is unconstitutional it did rule the system if equitable when it comes to access to funds and building funds. One need only check the Highland Park ISD website to see how idiotic this is.

In another nod to Gov. Goodhair, the Supremes made sure to set a deadline for school funding reform after the March primaries. That way none of the seated Republicans will have to answer any pesky questions about school reform.

Unless of course, you are a Republican who stood up to the attempted gutting of the school systems the R's try to pull off this year. Rep. Bob Griggs, who spoke so eloquently in favor of doing what's right for schools, has decided to retire rather than take on the well funded opponents the GOP is throwing at him.

Rep. Tommy Merritt of Longview is facing the same proposition.


Anonymous said...

So the Governor of Texas is now a "Goodhair"? Is this a Republican, a Democrat, or a R.I.N.O.?

Whatever happened to Perry or whoever?

(Sorry, it's hard enough to keep up with the shenanigans of the gubernatorial elections... and happenings, of my own state - though I think I'd prefer Texas!!)

Amerloc said...

Trust me, Aakash. Texas is no improvement over Illinois.

And "Goodhair" is a local nickname for Perry. He's still a Republican. He's still a sorry excuse for a governor. Does that make him a GINO??

worldogreed said...

"So the Governor of Texas is now a "Goodhair"? Is this a Republican, a Democrat, or a R.I.N.O.?

aakash, i completely agree with you 100%. But i think that he would be a Democrat, to be arguing with a Republican like that. Of course, he might, knowing the past Republicans (I laugh while i type this because i am a Republican myself). oh and amerloc:

"Texas is no improvement over Illinois."

i standby you too.