Monday, December 12, 2005

Colorado school district opts out of NCLB

Via Schools Matter comes this story about the folks in Kit Carson, CO who have voted to make up lost federal money so the local school district can opt out of NCLB.

Jane Urschel of the Colorado Association of School Boards said she has never heard of another Colorado district asking voters to make up for the lost aid with a tax hike.

"I think it says that the best education occurs at the community level and the best decisions are made right there," she said.

Finally, some parents are beginning to see the light and react, like this group of Texas parents.


EdWonk said...

Thanks Mike for pointing us to School Matters. We've linked both of you at this week's Carnival Of Education.

Mike in Texas said...

Thanks Ed!

I had a GREAT idea I was going to submit to the carnival for a lesson I'm currently doing, but it required me to take some pictures of the materials and of course I forgot.