Friday, January 06, 2006

Gov. Goodhair wants Texas schools to teach intelligent design

Via The Austin-American Statesman comes this story about Gov. Goodhair, a.k.a. Rick Perry. According to statements released by his office, the gov. "supports the teaching of the theory of intelligent design," and feels "intelligent design is a valid scientific theory, and he believes it should be taught as well."

The best quote regarding intelligent design comes from independent gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman, who says of intelligent design, "I'm agin it; there's nothing intelligent about it."

Kinky for governor!

P.S. For those of you not from Texas, agin=against


Amerloc said...

He's obviously hoping it appeals to his hard-core base, and that the rest of his supporters will dismiss it as meaningless in light of the Pennsylvania decision.

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Heh. We've got Gov. Babyface round here. I'm just waiting for the little pipsqueak to pipe up about ID like the little lickspittle he is.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that the proponents of ID are never scientists...

The day I get told to teach ID in my biology classroom by the TEA is the day I hang it up as a teacher.

Anonymous said...

Nothing scientific about Intelligent Design- it's a religious theory not scientific. I'm lucky, even if it has to be taught, I won't have to teach it in my classroom. I teach a portion of the 1% that are exempt from state testing- children with low incidence disabilities (severe physical and cognitive disabilities)

God is in my classroom, but not in the form of ID.