Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Whatever happened to "slower traffic keep right"??

Ok, this is not an educated related topic, except for the fact it effects my morning drive, but what happened to the old traffic rule of slower traffic stays to the right?

Almost my entire trip is on a 4 lane highway and it ALWAYS seems to work out that some idiot in the left hand lane, generally doing about 5 miles per hour less than the speed limit, manages to keep perfect pace with someone in the right lane. These "obliviots" (not my term but wish I had thought of it) do not respond to flashing headlights or riding nearly up on their bumpers.

Sure, I may suffer from mild bouts of road rage, but I think most other drivers are to blame for it. If they just get their cell-phone talking, driving right next to someone, putt-putting selves out of the way I wouldn't have to get so mad about it.

Here's my solution: a constitutional amendment that allows your to ram from behind anyone doing less than the speed limit in the left hand lane. Who's with me on this one???

Whew, I feel a little better.


Amerloc said...

I've never understood why anyone would drive granny-speed in the hammer lane either.

Anonymous said...

Best way to deal with needing to Keep Right is to listen to the song and to watch the video:
Keep Right on

watch it here:

or go to youtube and enter the words Phraze-It

Great country music tune dedicated to truck drivers. Now we can all enjoy Keep Right

Anonymous said...

Want to remind folks to Keep Right?

There is a new truck driving song on called "Keep Right"

View the music video at

Or you can enter the words
"Phraze-It" into

It is called Keep Right The Phraze-It Keyboard

Its been a while since there was a good truckers' song out there. Enjoy "Keep Right" !

Anonymous said...

Ha ha
Texans can't drive in either lane.
The cops don't enforce whatever laws they might have,or keep them.
The state dmv only has one line so you always get a busy signal.
Nice people-ahole drivers.
tell the guy in the f350 4 door with 50 inch tires that cutting people off in the middle of an exit it gets people killed,nah it's ok we are texass drives.nice as pie and dumb as a pile of poo.
Don't want to wait a sec in texas drive on the grass or the shoulder.
want to be first at the light? cut everyone off no matter how much tire smoke and broken glass there is,as long as it's not your car.Wave and give that nice texas smile.

Anonymous said...

they get in the fast lane and drive slow to keep from getting cut off by drunks and swervers.Right laners are jsut as bad they would kill before letting you get to your exit.
Drivers ed in Texas is as dead as castro's sex drive