Friday, June 30, 2006

An embarrassing problem for the Bush Administration

In this piece of fluff about Jenna Bush leaving teaching to go to South America, Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts gush all themselves describing the new and mature Jenna Bush, and to my total disgust referring to her as "America's most famous public school teacher".

Puuuleaz! She taught in a charter school that had absolutely no requirements for teachers and if you think the local administrator's or coach's wife gets special treatment can you imagine what the president's daughter got?

Apparently her job wasn't too taxing. According to the article:

. . .Jenna and a fellow instructor oversaw a class of third-graders being taught in both English and Spanish.

In other words, there was an experienced teacher doing the REAL work while Jenna played at being "teacher".

Of course, one only need search the internet a bit to find the REAL reason for Jenna's departure from the DC public school scene, her school has been rated in need of improvement for the past school year. Since her school was not required to provide any specifics about its test scores and state standards, you'll have to scroll WAAAAAY down to find out the federal govt. is on its case.

Of course, the mainstream media is totally ignoring this story. It would probably be too much of an embarrassment for the Feds.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid you've got this one backwards. The MSM has never missed any opportunity to take a shot, cheap or otherwise, at President Bush. Recall when the Bush girls were nailed in Austin for drinking? If the MSM doesn't take up this little story, it's only due to incompetence--a quality they have in abundance--certainly not out of any desire to protect President Bush.

Mike in Texas said...


I've seen several stories on the internet about her leaving to go to South America, but none yet that mention the fact her school was given a poor rating.

Mister Teacher said...

Jenna Bush was a teacher???!??!!??

Anonymous said...

Mike, if you think the MSM have done anything but suck up to Bush and the Republicans, you haven't been paying attention.

Different Mike

Unknown said...

From reading between the lines I gather Jenna Bush showed up when she felt like it and was more of a teacher's assistant than a teacher. I bet the charter school hoped that by employing her they would be exempt from NCLB. Many of the charter schools in Houston are sketchy to say the least.

I keep wondering why the George doesn't send his girls to fight his war.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous:

You think the MSM have been sucking up to President Bush?! President George W, Bush, of the United States of Ameria? The MSM: NY Times, LA Times, NPR, CBS, NBC, ABC, etc?

Talk about living in an alternate reality...