Sunday, July 16, 2006

Carnival entries are due . . .and the dumbest thing a "reformer" has ever said to me

Yours truly is hosting the 76th edition of the Carnival of Education. Please submit all entries to by Tuesday, 9 P.M. central.

And now for the dumbest thing a "reformer" has ever said to me.

He wouldn't shut down a public school that killed kids and served their flesh in the cafeteria.

I've been called many things by some of the anti-public school crowd over at Joanne Jacobs but this is my favorite. It is actually the 2nd time this person has made this claim.

I wish I knew where he lived and worked. I would LOVE to burst into his place of employment and scream "It's people! Soylent Green is people!"

I've also been called a flaming liberal which I find funny too. My son, who really is a flaming liberals, thinks I'm a step below Nazi b/c whenever there's a chase on Cops I sit there screaming, "Shoot 'em, shoot 'em"

Hmm, just exactly how would you serve kids' flesh? I like kids breaded and fried. Maybe some of you guys could share your favorite kid recipes.


Unknown said...

Oh no, nicely broiled with a lemon butter sauce on the side!

NYC Educator said...

Man, that is gross. It's remarkable what passes for argument nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Actually, that comment is interesting in that at the beginning of each school year, when the kids ask me if I have kids (I don't), I adopt a sad espression and tell the tragic story of how my wife and I were once poor, and we and our two children--little Bobby and Suzy--were living out of our car, lost our jobs, it was winter, and we were starving, so we ate them...

After about five seconds their eyes get very wide, their little jaws drop (they're high school kids), and they freak out. Helps set the tone for the rest of the school year.