Thursday, August 24, 2006


The other night I watched a show on the Discovery Channel called the Stunt Junkies. An episode the other night featured someone trying to skate down a huge ramp, then jump onto a 30 ft. rail and "grind" himself over the edge of a cliff and into the Grand Canyon, where he would parachute to safety. Now I'm a big fan of The Darwin Awards and I'm all for stupid people removing themselves from the gene pool, but what irks me about this show is these people are promoted as "part scientist, part stuntman".

On the show I watched the big concern was that as the skateboarder transitioned from the ramp to the rail he might fall and not clear the rocky cliff on his way down, which is exactly what happened. Fortunately for him, he landed on his back on the rail and slid far enough down it to clear the rocks safely. Upon landing at the bottom of the cliff he had this conversation with the show's host:

Host: Dude!
Stunt Junkie: Dude!
Host: Dude!!
Stunt Junkie: Dude!!
Host: DUDE!
Stunt Junkie: DUDE!

Most of you are probably not aware that the word dude can be used to convey many different emotions, so for those of you who are not immature males here is a translation of the conversation above:

Host: Dude!! (That was quite spectacular, unfortunately I lack the vocabulary to express my feelings of excitement, even though I'm the host of a TV show)
Stunt Junkie: Dude! (That is quite alright my friend, as I am not capable of comprehending most polysyllabic words)
Host: Dude! (You must be relieved that your incredible good luck more than compensated for your lack of adequate planning, safety measures and overall good sense)
Stunt Junkie: Dude! (Yes, I am happy I did not bash my skull against the rocks)
Host: DUDE! (Will you be performing any future stunts that will result in a serious decline in your life expectancy?)
Stunt Junkie: DUDE! (Undoubtedly I'll be experiencing many future blows to my head that will result in a plethora of bad ideas on my part)

The hero of this episode took a helicopter ride back to the top of the cliff where he was greeted by the stunt coordinator who said, and I quote, "Dude"

Ever wonder why so many kids have such poor vocabularies?


Mister Teacher said...

Let me be the first to respond:


Mike in Texas said...


Anonymous said...

But for the fortuitous intervention of providence (AKA: dumb, blind luck), the Dude would have been dead. Radical.

NYC Educator said...

Very funny.

I remember Jay Leno commenting years ago on Arnold S. that speech used to be required of actors.

Apparently, it's now no longer required of politicians. I'd rib Texas for electing GW, but it's entirely possible the entire country may have done just the same thing.

Trixie said...


Was just at Grand Canyon and they have a book about those who died at the Grand Canyon. I can't believe my hubby bought it. Very interesting stuff.

EHT said...

Hee haw! Hee Haw!
Quite hilarious....thanks for making my day, Dude!

Dan Edwards said...

Such is entertainment in this day and age..... Anyone have a chapter of the Geoff Spicoli DUDE Club at their school?

(Interesting what Trixie said....I was @ Grand Canyon this summer, saw that book she was talking about.....hemed and hawed about it, then did buy it on our way out of the park. Very interesting reading it was. I loaned it to one of our sci. teachers.

Oh, Ed in TX., are you just, like, sooooo totally bored that you must watch such TV ????

Mike in Texas said...

Dude, I like watch it, b/c you know they said they were like scientists and stuff.

Onyx said...

Mister Dude. Way cool and so gnarly!

I'm trying (probably in vain ) to convince studetn that chatroom lingo is not the language of standard English)

gtg :)

Smithie said...


Trixie: that book your hubster bought is a great read!

Mike in Texas said...


Dude, around here Trixie's husband is known as the hubmeister, the hubinator, the hubatello.