Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Texas Parent PAC scores big in the election

Via comes this press release from the Texas Parent Pac, a public education advocacy group who has been extremely successful in electing pro education candidates to the Texas Congress.

According to the group:
Children, parents, and neighborhood public schools were big winners in the Texas House of Representatives elections Tuesday, as many new legislators were elected who are committed to strengthening public education. This was partly due to the efforts of Texas Parent PAC, a statewide political committee formed in July 2005 with the goal of electing more state legislators who would stand up for children and high quality public education.

All of the candidates supported by the Texas Parent PAC were successful, many defeating pro voucher candidates whoring for San Antonio millionaire Dr. James Leinenger.

One mistake in their press release, Donna Howard is a Republican, not a Democrat. She defeated Republican lapdog and public school basher Kent Grusendorf in the Republican primaries earlier in the year.

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Scott S. Floyd said...

No, Donna Howard is a Democrat. She won the seat just outside of Austin. You are thinking of Dianne Patrick. Both are going to be fine additions in Austin.