Sunday, March 18, 2007

Now Back to Work

I've had a good Spring Break. I worked on a swing for my back porch, visited relatives in Louisiana, ate far too much, and in a fit of insanity, my buddy and I laid down 3200 pounds of cement to expand the cement base under my porch out back.

My wife, who until recently was totally uninterested, is now planning where the various relaxation devices will go. So far we will be putting a swing, 2 hammock chairs (get them on Ebay, trust me), 2 rocking chairs and an occasional 2 person hammock. Yesterday I borrowed my neighbors fire pit to burn the 40 empty cement bags and it turned into a good time. We all sat around the fire, and occasionally someone would run and find something else to throw into it to burn and to refill our drinks. My wife and I were born city dwellers, so we never experienced the joy of an open fire on a cool spring night. My friend's mother in law has promised to find us one cheap at a garage sale.

A good end to a good Spring Break.


Mister Teacher said...

Dude, you laid over a TON of concrete?? You da man!!
I spent my week calling Borders around the nation asking them to stock my book for Educators' Week. And I had almost 200 sales!
If only we had 1 more week off, right?

Anonymous said...

hi ,
enjoyed reading your blog! Will definitely come back for more!

EHT said...

Seems like this time last year we had that conversation about a long list of "honey-dos". Nice to know the pattern has not been broken. The relaxation devices are on the list around here.

Dear Son cleaned out our pine straw islands last week (about 10 years worth) and had a great time igniting the fire and sitting out with it all night along with a couple of friends. Sitting by an outdoor fire is a nice way to pass the time....