Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Texas Charters Are The Biggest TAKS Cheats

From the "things you won't see posted on reform websites" comes this story and this story. Texas schools have taken a beating in the press, with many newspapers calling for investigations of TAKS cheating. However, an in-depth study found that most of the cheating goes on at Texas charter schools.

Advocates of charters often claim market forces will drive the bad ones out, but in one of the stories I found these tidbits:
TEA has spent much of the last decade pursuing sanctions or other actions against Gulf Shores and its parent organization, Gulf Shores Academy. The charter system has a history of financial and academic problems, including a roughly $8 million debt to the state for over-reporting student attendance. State officials have, for several years, been trying to shut down the school.

Alphonso Crutch's has also long been among the state's most troubled charter schools, with state officials having tried – and failed – to shut it down several years ago.

So much for state oversite and market forces. I look forward to sharing these newspapers stories at several of the "reform" websites.


Anonymous said...

So, it takes substantial work and time to close a corrupt charter school? Well get to it; that's your job, isn't it? I must confess that I've never had much respect for TEA. I have less now.

Onyx said...

Yesterday a group of us met and discussed this very thing! The TAKS is crap we all know it, the kids know it,the parents know it, why is the state so slow?

Unknown said...

Why? What is the problem in that school? What is the action of the teacher in that school?