Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Countdown Is On

As of tomorrow I'll have only 2 weeks left to my summer vacation. I've got lots of goofing off to do, plus I'll be hosting the carnival again soon. Oh summer, there were so many things I wanted to do but didn't.

I wanted to go see the Meteor Crator outside of Flagstaff, AZ. It would be about a 1200 drive so I would LOVE to fly out there, spend a day or so, and fly back. I could get plenty of pictures I could use in my classroom.

I haven't read much this summer. Last summer it seems like I spent the entire time reading, this year it feels like I've done nothing but home improvement projects. So far we've remodeled our bedroom and bathroom. We also built a pad to place the hottub on, as well as installed 2 bi-fold doors in the place of regular doors in our house, one to our bathroom and one to the laundry room.

Next up will be a deck around the hottub, as well 2 more outdoor speakers, these 2 closer to the hottub.

But before then I have some serious goofing off to do.


Ms. Longhorn said...

I have heard that crater is AMAZING! Go goof off a bit in AZ before school starts! Lord knows we all deserve it! ;)

I'm working on letting your fellow female colleagues know that they should be swooning all over you per your return in 2 weeks! ;)

Anonymous said...

that's scary. im trying to stave away the beginning of the school year, too. I'll probably hit up New Orleans, so I'm with you on the traveling tip.

Anyways, have fun. It's very necessary ...

Mike in Texas said...

Dude, I grew up in New Orleans, dont' stay out past 1 or so in the French Quarter.

If Houlihan's restaurant is still there they will serve you a drink to go. My friends and I passed many a night walking from Houlihan's on one end of Bourbon Street to Pat O's on the other end, getting a drink from the outdoor bar there, and starting all over.

The Science Goddess said...

Trust me, the meteor crater is not worth the journey. I got all excited, too, when I was vacationing in Sedona. My sweetie and I drove over there and were incredibly underwhelmed.

Mind you, I've been to the one in Odessa---which is even more spectacular in its underwhelmingness.

Meteor craters just seem to be something that is better off left to one's fantasy. Sigh.

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

About 10 years ago, when I was very poor (as opposed to the moderately poor that I am now), I decided to stop by Meteor Crater. When I found out that they actually wanted to CHARGE me and my family an ADMISSION FEE to look at a hole in the ground, I was outraged, stormed back to my pickup where kids and wife were waiting--and we haven't returned. Best bet? Take a free virtual tour online!