Saturday, September 29, 2007

5 Bloggers I'd Like To Meet

Like others, I have my favorites of the bloggers that I like to read, some on a daily basis or as often as they update their blog. Here are the bloggers I'd like to meet in person and sit down to discuss education issues:

1.Mr. Teacher - I laugh when I read his site, I laughed when I read his book, and I laugh at his shameless self promotion of his book. Right now he's shamelessly promoting his you tube videos.

2. NYC Educator - although his site is largely about NYC issues, he has a way of pointing out absurdities that I wish I could copy. One thing about NYC Educator, he calls 'em like he sees them.

3. Ms. Corneilius - a keen eye and a sharp with, not to mention her weekly Monday movie challenges. Lately I have no idea what movies she's talking about so I may have to knock her down a notch.

4. Joanne Jacobs - Joanne Jacobs was blogging long before it was cool to blog. She has often been called the queen mother of all education bloggers. Although I don't often agree with her (and most of the people who comment there), Joanne is always civil in her disagreements.

5. EdWonk - the driving force behind the weekly Carnival of Education, currently in its 8th billionth week. Ed is so respected nearly every education blogger links back to him. He also has a sharp eye for pointing out absurdities not just in our schools, but in our society as well.

I tag anyone who wants to add their favorites here or at their own sites.


100 Farmers said...
A very graceful educator.
A giggly, guilty read

askthehomediva said...

Loved the suggestions especially Mr. Teacher…

Mister Teacher said...

Hey dude, forget talking about education -- if you ever come up to Dallas, let's grab a drink and talk about movies and hot chicks!:)
And who ELSE is going to promote my book? I've GOT to self promote it!!

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Why, thanks so much, Mike. I think I've got a sharp width, too-- but they keep telling me diet and exercise will cure that. Somehow repeated lifting of Krispy Kremes to my mouth has not worked yet, though. Must try more reps.

Seriously, I feel the same way about you. You are a peach. And it seems we work with the same people. Scary.

Tina Boyer said...

You have good taste in blogs!


Anonymous said...

I am familiar with those bloggers but I think that "pissed off" teacher in New York has an awesome blog. She documents both the abysmal conditions of her school by photographing them as well as discusses what practices make for a good high school math teacher. With her 30 years of experience she has weathered all sorts of pedagogical and political fads and has a lot of perspective. I think I like her more than some others because she doesn't represent a political viewpoint (union etc.)but rather her own situation.