Friday, October 12, 2007

Welcome to Hickville

The small city I live in does not have any fancy restaurants, but it does have a hotel that bills itself as "historic" and a bit upscale, what with its jazz on the patio on the weekends, expensive rooms and such.

Several weeks ago I won dinner for 4 at this hotel's Friday night seafood buffet, so my wife and I and our friends cleaned up, dressed fairly nicely and off to dinner we went. As soon as we got there we realized we needn't have bothered, we're living in Hickville.

Seated at the first table when you walk in was a guy wearing bib overalls and a dirty white t-shirt. I know he had a dirty white t-shirt on because he had one strap of the overalls undone and hanging down, exposing the dirty shirt underneath. He was also missing a good portion of his teeth, but you'd never have known it from the way he was cramming crab legs into his mouth.

Other patrons of the dining room included: a mechanic in his filthy working uniform, a guy wearing a plain white t-shirt (at least it wasn't a wife beater) and a sea of camouflage, short pants, flip-flops and baseball caps.

All this in a supposedly upscale cafe in a nice hotel. There was also a college football team staying in the hotel, but these young men were well behaved. Their fans were another matter. On the way out we ran across one fan carrying a bottle of Jack Daniel's and a glass. He was attempting to pour some into the glass but all he was accomplishing was spilling it all over.

Welcome to Hickville, population: me


Dan Edwards said...

Ya can that the yokel outta da haller, but ya can't take da haller outta the yokel.

But anyhow, even with interesting working class "diners" was the seafood buffet any good ?

Oh, and did many of the patrons use their utensils? :-)

Mike in Texas said...

The seafood buffet was Ok for free, but certainly not the $18.95 they charge for it.

I'm allergic to alot of seafoods, so I had to stick to the fried shrimp and roast.