Monday, November 26, 2007

My 50, 000th Visitor

Sometime today I officially passed the 50, 000 visitor mark, according to my sitemeter stats. This may not be a big number for some of the big name sites, but I feel like it is significant.

Checking back through my visits I found my 50, 000 visitor was from all places, the offical Government of Ireland website.

Hmmm, I wondered if a government was monitoring my site. I just didn't think it was the government of Ireland.

Oh well, to my 50, 000th and all of my other visitors, thanks for stopping in and please leave a comment or two to let me know who you are.


Mister Teacher said...

Congratulations, laddie. It's a wee number to soime boyos, but 'tis indeed a milestone for others.

Closing in on 46K myself...

Becki said...

Hi from a mom of 2nd graders in Houston.
Found your blog while searching for something that resembled common sense answers to that bullshit called No Child Left Behind and the insane testing that goes along with it.
I enjoy the peek behind the scenes your blog offers.
Thank you for teaching our children.