Friday, March 10, 2006


In the last month or so I've had my writing snubbed a couple of times. First, I noticed that Education News was looking for technology writers so I submitted a couple of samples of my work, my post on readability scores using MS Word and another on a very strange technical problem and how to solve it. I have not heard one word back. The professional thing to do was at least let someone know you weren't interested.

Just this past week I submitted a post for the 57th edition of the Carnival of Education and was snubbed for that too.

Good thing I have a Y chromosome and I think I'm the world's greatest teacher/writer/lover/rc pilot etc. etc. etc.


NYC Educator said...

Sorry to hear about that. I've been kicked out of far worse places than that, though.

Have you seen Kinky Friedman's No Teacher Left Behind T-shirts? He's got my vote.

Of course, I don't live in Texas, so it won't help him much.

Mike in Texas said...

I have a couple of them. One says "Get Kinky" and the other says "No Texas Teacher Left Behind with Kinky"

They were out of the shirt I really wanted. Across the front it said in big huge letters, "Kinky Volunteers Needed"

I'm sure the Carnival thing was unintentional.

NYC Educator said...

I think I'm gonna buy one of those NTLB shirts. I'd vote for Kinky over the hacks who undoubtedly will run in NY. Too bad he went back.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry, Mike. To be honest, it WAS intentional--sorta. I remember reading the post and thinking it was too short.

HOWEVER, in the mad rush of links I was going through, I failed to take note of the author. If I had, I would have most certainly posted it, as you are a formidable presence on the Web--short post or no.

Also, as I looked it over again, I think I was too quick to judge your post on its brevity. It is a nice, quick, poll-type post--one that can lead to a very active comments section.

Anyway, I hope it still can. It has just been posted at the top of the Carnival.

Again, my sincerest apologies.


Unknown said...

Hmmm. 'Nuf said, I guess.

Mike in Texas said...

Sorry, J.D., been out of town on Spring Break.

Don't worry about leaving me out, I was just in a complaining mood when I wrote it. I really wasn't offended.