Sunday, September 24, 2006

Go Bush Go!!!

Not THAT Bush, or the title would have said, "Go Bush Go! And Stay There!"

I'm talking about Reggie Bush and the fact the NFL is returning to my hometown of New Orleans for some Monday Night Football.

There will be massive amounts of media coverage, probably including many parts of the city still devastated and yet to be rebuilt, if they ever are. My old neighborhood is showing signs of life, the bar on the corner has reopened although Benny's (a.k.a. The Butcher) Barbershop on the opposite corner hasn't. I once had to take shelter in that bar, as Benny was attempting to settle a domestic dispute with his wife by waving a pistol around and firing it into the air. At the time, it was a hangout for a much older crowd. If you've ever seen the scene from Animal House where they go into the bar to see Otis Day and the Knights, and all music and talking stops and everyone stares at them then you know what it was like when I stepped into the senior citizen's bar. However, they were kind enough to assure me that Benny often fired his pistol into the air during arguements with his wife and invited me to have a beer. But I digress. The home I grew up in has been remodeled from a double to single home and is for sale. I believe the asking price is $170,000 which rules out me buying it for sentimental reasons.

My last time in the Superdome was about two years ago. My nephew-in-law and myself bought two sideline tickets off a street scalper entrepeneur and watched a truly awful Saints game. The Bronos marched up and down on the Saints at will. How bad was it? The fans cheered when a Broncos back was held to only 6 yards on a carry! It was so bad the Saints cuckoo owner, Tom Benson, said afterwards they played like a bunch of high schoolers. It was so bad a diehard Saints fan intentionally started a fight with a Broncos fan so he could get thrown out and not have to watch the rest of the game. He did miss a really good booing and cursing session when time expired.

So hopefully New Orleans will be ready for some football. Hopefully the Saints revamped defense will put some major pressure on Michael Vick. I'll be in front of the TV in my Deuce McAllistar jersey.

Run Reggie run!


Dan Edwards said...

Your N.O. Saints (Ain'ts???) have themselves a top notch QB in Drew Brees.....if they keep him healthy. Even the pretty good O-line he had in San Diego couldn't protect him enough. Handing off to Reggie shouldn't be much different than him handing off to Tomlimson.

Should be a good game tomorrow night.

I once saw a Saints-Bears game in Chicago.....I always wondered what Archie Manning could have done on a good team. Guess we are seeing that via his boys ?

Mister Teacher said...

I too am very happy for the Saints to finally be returning to some home turf. However, I happen to be playing fantasy football this weekend against the guy who has Reggie Bush AND Deuce McAllister, so I just can't root for either one. I hope the NO wideouts go wild, though, and I have the TE, Colston on my team, so here's hoping for 4 or 5 TD hookups between Brees and Colston!!