Thursday, September 14, 2006

One for the techies

I found this in Lateshow archives, from this summer. It gave me a laugh, so for all you computer geeks out there:

Top Ten Signs You Bought A Bad Computer

10. Runs on 200 "D" batteries

9. In the morning you have to defrost it

8. Runs on Windows '78

7. Box reads "Pre-loaded with hundreds of viruses!"

6. Tech support number is a Silicon Valley Applebee's

5. For better internet reception, salesman includes pair of rabbit ears

4. You move the pointer around by licking the screen

3. It's made by IBN

2. The mouse bit you

1. When you tell it to print, it tells you to go screw yourself

My wife often complains that we don't have a "real computer" and that I should stop buying cheap stuff. She doesn't buy my arguement that all the parts are basically the same AND I built it myself. Somehow everytime she touches it it messes up.

Must be an I-D-10-T problem.


Anonymous said...

Just read your post with my morning coffee today (Fri.) and had a good laugh! Nice way to start out the day, and I'm happy to report that my computer fits none of those descriptions!!

amanda said...

Great post! My husband I have the same conversation quite often...and everytime I get near the computer it does something bizarre! Have a great weekend:)

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

oooh, I hope your wife doesn't read this blog, Mikey.

Peace out!

EHT said...

Everything I know I had to learn myself and believe took many trial and error attempts and I left many a computer dead in the dust. Luckily I didn't pay for any of them.

Onyx said...

Loved it!