Friday, December 15, 2006

I Think I'm Gonna Hurl . . . Spew, Ralph, Upchuck, Praise The Porcelain God

Well the fall semester is over and what a whirlwind week it was, filled with field trips, parties, fun activities and mostly sweet things to eat. I would estimate in the last week I've consumed my body weight in sugar laden foods, leaving me to feel like it will all be coming up soon.

Please feel free to add your own euphemism for vomiting.


Scott S. Floyd said...

Blow chunks is always a good one. I still have three days left. Oh well. At least they are three finals days, so the kids go home early each day.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is "toss my cookies" ~

Two more days with students then we have in-service. My district has messed up royally as we only have 9 days off and the kids have 10!

I have eaten more than my share of sweets too ~ at least I don't have to worry about sweets over the break.

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

How about one of these?

Technicolor Yawn, The

Making an offering to/worshipping the porcelain god(dess)

Driving the Porcelain Bus

Calling for Ralph/Earl/Huey

Liquid burp/laugh/scream

3-D burping/belching

Belching Chunks

Call of the Walrus

Calling the Buffalos

Delivering Pizza/Pavement Pizza

Doing the lunch/dinner catch and release

Downloading a dinner/lunch/menu/meal

Take your pick, they're all gross--and not original with me. I found 'em online.

Mister Teacher said...

Um, how about show everyone your true (food) colors?

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

You've taken all my good ones.

Hope you feel better!