Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How's This For Caring?

I found an interesting website by a following a link posted at The 108th Edition of the Carnival of Education, hosted by Dr. Homslice.

As many of you no doubt know, New Orleans Public Schools were decimated by Hurricane Katrina and the federal govt. has swooped in to push charter schools upon the city's children. By following the links provided I was able to find the website for an organization called Teach NOLA. The website offers two links for potential teachers, one for certified and one for uncertified. Certified teachers are directed to a page that contains this greeting:
teachNOLA seeks the nation's most outstanding certified teachers to make a difference by teaching in New Orleans charter schools.

Uncertified teachers' link leads them to a page that says this:
teachNOLA seeks the nation's most outstanding young, mid- and post-career professionals to make a difference by teaching in New Orleans' Recovery School District.

In short, the charter schools are being given the best of the best, while the public schools, referred to as Recovery School District, have to fight over what's left.

Sounds like the perfect plan for the reform crowd to "prove" charter schools are better.

Don't the children of New Orleans deserve better?

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