Monday, June 11, 2007

Blogging With An Empty Wallet

I'm currently blogging from Austin,Tx, where the Sheration Hotel apparently has designs on taking every last bit of money we have.

My wife is here for a conference, and my daughter and I have tagged along. So far I've been shocked to discover:

1. I have to pay an extra $10 a day for internet access.

2. We have to pay 12 bucks a day plus taxes to park in the hotel's parking garage.

3. The bottled water in my room costs $5 a dollar.

I know some of you will be quick to point out I'm just a rube from East Texas, but a couple of weeks ago when we were here for my son's graduation we had free parking, free breakfast and free internet, just at a different hotel.

My wife chose the Sheraton because it is where her conference is being held. I would have gladly dropped her off and stayed somewhere else.


Dan Edwards said...

Just put it on your expense account.....oh, but teachers don't get expense accounts. When the Polski3 family travels, we likes the breakfast that is included with the room (and we've gotten pretty good at not burning waffles) and tap water is included with the room. IMO, the nickle and dime crap like you are describing is a reason NOT to stay at such a place.

Hope you had a good trip.

Anonymous said...

But Austin is so cosmopolitan, so diverse, so non-judgemental,, it's just too easy to shoot up such a feckless target.

Me, I'm the Woman said...

Shame on the Sheraton for charging for internet. BUT - the good news is that AUsitn is probably the most wired-less city in the country, so if you take your laptop down to the lobby you can probably find a wireless network to use. If not, walk outside. Every Starbucks, a lot of McDonalds, every coffee shop, and most hangouts of any kind have free wireless networks available. I cna even sit outside my son's school waiting to pick him up and use my laptop in the van!

Mister Teacher said...

You could have stayed at a Hilton -- oh wait, that might have felt like a jail sentence...

100 Farmers said...

Ooh, make sure that you go across the river to get a chocolate shake from Sandy's. It's a hole in the wall drive-through on Barton Springs and will soothe your aggravation of internet charges.

Mike in Texas said...


Didn't see your comment in time but I'll try it next time.

We did go to Chuy's, famous for where the Bush twins got busted for underage drinking, and the food was AWESOME.