Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sometimes I Just Don't Know What To Say About A Story

This is one of those times:
Students' stage strip for teachers

Teachers have refused to stop an annual striptease by pupils despite a video of an onstage lesbian love romp ending up on YouTube.

But officials at the school in Denmark are fighting to hold onto the annual event.

A spokesman said: 'The girls' teachers vote as the best get the best places on the tables in the canteen.'

Erik Olesen, head teacher at Silkeborg said everyone, including the school governors, had known about the contest and described it as 'harmless fun'.

But news of the striptease got out when some of the girls this year stripped naked and began to touch each other's breasts - then started rubbing baby oil over each other's bodies.

Two girls put on a lesbian show to cheering classmates and teachers

The whole incident was filmed by four other students on their mobile phones who then posted it on the internet. It has since been removed from YouTube.

The girls were only stopped from going further by teachers.

Headmaster Olesen said: 'I think they forgot what they were doing and where they were. But my concern now is not to punish anyone, but protect the girls who are now all over the internet.

'As for the students who recorded the contest, they didn't realize they had done anything illegal and I have had a long talk with them.'

But he added that he had no plans to scrap the striptease competition at the school. 'I am sure nothing like this will happen again,' he said.

'And anyway, the girls who did this didn't win the competition because their performance was over the top.'

Film of the girls stripping off in front of teachers and pupils sparked outrage among education chiefs who now want it banned.

I haven't checked any of the far-right anti-public school religious reform sites but isn't Denmark one of those countries they always mention as having better schools than us?

The whole story can be found here but be warned, some of the links from this site contain adult natured materials.


Anonymous said...

Crazy... And yes Denmark has been linked to having better school system than the US. I see why now!

Anonymous said...

"But he added that he had no plans to scrap the striptease competition at the school. 'I am sure nothing like this will happen again,' he said."
With his fingers crossed...

"Now don't you hot girls go lotioning up each other's naked nubile bodies again like LAST year!"

Anonymous said...

You know, I think the Danes are on to something. In my school, every school club and its dog try to sell tickets to a variety of raffles, events, contests, performances, etc., usually with little success. But if they took the Danish approach, I suspect we could get some real cash raised, what with all the community and parent involvement that would be generated.

Teacha said...

Maybe the Danes don't have an active civil court system. . . I can't believe this has gone on for years and no one has sued? The entire incident is amazing.