Saturday, June 16, 2007

Somewhere There Are Baytown Teachers Being Held Accountable For This Kid's Test Scores

I've been closely following the story of the 4 kids killed in the Baytown crash and the story has become interesting, to say the least.

First of all, the driver survived and his actions are being dismissed by his mother. She has supposedly said her son, Bobby Davis, was just trying to get one of the girls home and that's why he was driving so fast. Incidentally, one of those killed was her son and Bobby's younger brother.

Apparently then, Mom knew little Bobby was driving without a license and driving a stolen vehicle at 3:30 in the morning. After seeing Mom's myspace page I think I can see why Bobby is the way he is, especially after reading this note he left for his MOTHER:
holy fucking shit i just tried one of those ringtone sites advertised on myspace and they really do work...i got some crystal clear ringtones for my phone instantly. i am talking about some cadillac shit here! you just gotta see for yourself, just copy and paste this site in your browser:

I would have rung my child's neck for leaving his mother a message like that, and his mother would have too.

Bobby wasn't exactly hanging around with a group of future brain surgeons if you examine some of the comments left on his myspace page:
bobby oh shit when i seen that shit on the news i could not believe what i was seein fool but dang hang in there yo im here for you if you need to talk playa but you shouldnt be sad cuz we all know hes in a better place so dont look foward or back look up stay cool

bobby omg this is so freakin crazy like i heard about the wreck and i was like damn like it was bad and that i felt bad for the people and their families in the wreck and then i found out that you were in it and that austin had died and so did loral and her cousin and your girlfriend and like i almost started cryin cuz like i actually knew people that were in the wreck and like i know that i don't know you that well but we did hang out a couple times and when we hung out we had a whole lot of fun like that day at dayton ole times day when it was me you melissa and elmo hangin out and we all rode rides and stuff and thank god you came so i had someone to ride with i'm so glad that i got to hang out with you that night and it sucks that this had to happen i'm so freakin sorry and i hope that you get threw this we don't need any more loses i hope so bad that you pull threw this and don't blame yourself for what happened i'm prayin for you and your family and everyone

Somewhere some teachers were probably raked over the coals, or in Bush's words, had their feet held to the fire, over this idiot's test scores.


100 Farmers said...

This is what our school experienced this year. A license for parenting sometimes looks like a good idea.

100 Farmers said...

Two Dallas cousins killed in car crash

Trip to meet girl in Josephine led to theft before vehicle hit tree

12:00 AM CDT on Tuesday, May 8, 2007
By TIARA M. ELLIS / The Dallas Morning News

JOSEPHINE – The four Dallas boys had driven more than 40 miles to meet a girl.

When they were stood up, they looked for a way to make their trip pay. But a lawnmower theft triggered events that ended with two of the boys dead.

Cousins Anthony Oscar, 14, and David Nguyen, 11, died after the car they were riding in crashed into a tree along FM1777 in southeastern Collin County early Monday morning.

"It's so tragic," said Josephine Police Chief Kevin Mayberry. "They lost two boys over a lawnmower."

The driver, Brandon Rivera, 18, and Anibal Ortiz, 15, were listed Monday in stable condition at Dallas' Parkland Memorial Hospital, police said.

Anthony and David had gone to a mall Sunday afternoon to buy new clothes, said Anthony's mother, Helen Oscar, 36. She lamented Monday evening that they never got a chance to wear the outfits.

"I can't believe my son has died, and my nephew. I'm in shock," Ms. Oscar said on the porch of her gray house in Old East Dallas, where she said she was raising both boys alone.

After nearby Spence Middle School let out Monday afternoon, dozens of kids gathered in the yard of the house. David was enrolled at Spence.

She said the family had just returned from shopping and was about to eat dinner when Brandon drove up. The cousins jumped into the 1982 Cadillac and left without explanation, Ms. Oscar said.

The boys' plans to meet a girl in downtown Josephine fell through, Chief Mayberry said.

"I was told they just drove around the city looking for something they could take and pawn to get some cash," he said. "The first thing they saw was the lawnmower."

But a man delivering newspapers saw the lawnmower being loaded into the trunk of the Cadillac and called 911, Chief Mayberry said. The witness followed the car down the dark, two-lane road between Josephine and Royse City. He even got the license plate number and stayed on the phone with the dispatcher.

Police estimate the car was going at least 55 mph when its headlights went out.

"The witness said as the lights went off, the driver sped up. I believe, yes, they did [know they were being followed], even though the driver told me he did not know anyone was following him," Chief Mayberry said.

After its lights went out, the car immediately struck the tree. The impact killed David, who was in the back seat. He died at the scene, while Anthony, who was in the front passenger seat, died later at Parkland. Only Brandon was wearing a seat belt.

Later Monday morning, there was little along FM1777 to suggest what had happened – no police tape, no damaged tree, no skid marks.

Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Tom Anderson, who is investigating, had not decided Monday whether to file charges against the driver.

Chief Mayberry said he plans to pursue a misdemeanor theft charge.

"I asked the question: Why was an 11-, 15-, and a 14-year-old out with an 18-year-old this early in the morning?" he said. "I was told they all hang out and live on the same block. But I still don't understand why they were out at 2 in the morning."

Ms. Oscar said she doesn't care what people say or think about her family.

"They don't live with me. They don't know," she said.

Then she began crying and wailing, repeating: "I want my son back. I want my nephew back. Bring them back."

Staff writer Steve Thompson contributed to this report

Anonymous said...

Gad. A preventable tragedy, preventable on so many levels and in so many ways by those directly involved: The kids and the parents. No one else is culpable.

Anonymous said...

I've been following this closely also. And your blog entry has got to be the observation of the year. Very good job. I only wish the Chronicle were printing this.

Anonymous said...

Not that I am in ANY way defending Bobby...

But I did want to point out that the message left on his mothers myspace page was actually the result of "spam" on his account. Which basically just means that he did not create that message and most likely did not even know it had been sent to her.

Although, why his mother didn't delete it...I have no idea.