Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My (almost) teenaged daughter

My daughter is at an awkward stage in her upbringing. She is too old to go to "summer camp" at one of the local daycares and too young to be left home alone for anything more than short errands. Therefore, her and I have spent a great deal of time together this summer and she seems to have developed some errant beliefs about her Dad:

Errant Belief #1 - My father has an unlimited supply of money. I get paid once a month, typically on the 25th. However, if the 25th is on a weekend we are paid the Friday before unless it is summer when our administration staff is on a 4 day work week. Last month the 25th fell on a Sunday, so we were actually paid on the 22nd. While it was nice, it now means I have to go 33 days without being paid. All of this is completely lost on my daughter, whose summer essentials list now includes a $30 pair of plastic shoes!

Errant Belief #2 - No matter how much fun it appears my father is having, be it playing on the computer, riding the jetski all by himself or playing StarWars Battlefronts on the Playstation, he is actually dreadfully miserable. My job is to find something to do that will a) make him happy by giving him something to do and b)more importantly, make ME happy.

Errant Belief #3 - My father's purpose in life is to drive myself and my friends to various places where I can spend his money.

Have I mentioned its been a LONG time since I've been paid and I still have 13 days to go? Not to mention I've had to pay a small fortune (by teacher standards) to the dentist so he could increase my pathological fear of dentists repair a cracked tooth.

When do I get to have fun? I'd write more but the Playstation is warmed up and my daughter is finally asleep.


NYC Educator said...

I'm going to have to request you stop printing scary stories about teenage daughters, as I get my share at work.

Also, I take it your crack union, in addition to doing no collective bargaining, is not permitted to negotiate dental insurance for you either.

It's amazing how unions are hobbled in this country, and even more remarkable how Fox-viewing aspiring middle-class citizens put up with it.

Butterfly Angel said...

I can SO relate to the $$$ and the child issues. My daughters are 24 and 22 respectively and they still have this idea that I am an ATM!

In our district, payday is the last day of the month, which seems like an eternity. During the "Winter Break" holiday season they pay us on the day we go to break so we wait at least 5 - 6 weeks for the January check. Talk about agony. While I am ranting about pay, the district owes me re-imbursement from a conference I attended over 2 weeks ago. "They" promised ~ only 2 weeks. Guess what, I checked today and it has not been processed. That check would tide me over 'til month end. No sense of urgency whatsoever.

~butterfly angel~

ps. going to see about the book you recommended and try to read it before we're officially back to work. (Aug. 7!)

Mike in Texas said...

NYC educator,

Our unions are not allowed to do any negoitiating on our part. Collective bargaining is outlawed for teachers in the state of Texas.

Texas does provide me with some extremely poor health insurance. I basically have a 15K deductable. For that wonderful coverage the state pays $300 per month to some politically well conncected company.

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

I have one of those in my house too!

She thinks her job is to try to tell me, her mother, what I should do and should not do in order to not embarass her. Fun.

And you get to have fun now that the PlayStation is warmed up. Lucky.