Saturday, July 01, 2006

Wal-Mart is greedy

A good friend of mine has worked for the last 17 years for Wal-Mart as the Express Lube and Tire manager. Three weeks ago he was called in and told all Lube and Express manager jobs were being eliminated. The reason? Pure greed. By making him a regular asst. manager of the store, instead of a specialized dept. manager he will no longer be eligible for incentive bonuses for doing a good job. My friend, who has been wanting to quit for a long time, has decided to take a severance package instead and is now loudly proclaiming, "My give a damn is busted". The picture on the left is for him.


NYC Educator said...

Great graphic. And a great point about the sort of employer that prevails in the US today.

Unionization would be a large improvement. Did you write that union was forbidden in your school? Is that a Texas thing?

Mike in Texas said...

Unions are not forbidden in my school, they are basically forbiddent in the state of Texas. Technically, we lack the ability, by law, to collective bargain or strike, so teachers' unions are seriously weak.

NYC Educator said...

We're legally prohibited from striking as well, but not collective bargaining. If you can't bargain collectively, how are salaries calculated? When, if ever do you get raises? And what on earth does your union even do?

Is this the case only for teacher unions, or for all unions in GW's stomping ground?

I'm gonna put this in the carnival, if you don't mind.

Mike in Texas said...

NYC educator,

The state issues a minimun pay scale, and districts are free to pay more if they wish. Typically most do to attract teachers. If you live in an urban area like Dallas or Houston you may even get a sign up bonus.

The bad news; the state pay scale tops out at 20 years, after that no more required raises unless the legislature grants it, which just now happened, $1500, for the first time in 7 years.

The unions are nothing more than associations that provide insurance and keep you updated on issues.

EHT said...

I love the graphic too! I was wondering what kind of "go away" package Walmart would provide?

Mike, I believe Georgia is similar or the same to Texas as far as unions. The powers that be refer to them as professional organizations and basically they lay down and die for any idea supported by a Dem and scorn anything that comes out of a Republican mouth even if its the same thing.

Mike in Texas said...

Elementary History Teacher,

Our unions spend far too much time trying to work with politicians, Republicans included, when they should be telling them to go to hell and organizing the masses.

Here in Texas the govt. is completely Republican controlled and they have reamed the public schools. The outgoing head of the House Education Committee once said he didn't care what teachers think. Luckily, he was taken out by a group called the Texas Parent PAC, with the help of teachers, but without much support from the so called unions.

I join merely for the insurance benefits. There is one association, the Texas Federation of Teachers, that is very good at keeping teachers informed but that's about it, they do little to organize.

NYC Educator said...

It's incredible that so many Americans vote for the folks who actively degrade unions, and consequently their lives.

It's unbelievable how Bush took Texas, blatantly lied about the Texas "miracle," and parlayed it into having Daddy's court steal the presidency.

EHT said...

Hmmmmmmm I wonder how many teachers joined their "professional organizations" simply to have the liability insurance? That's why I joined as well. Last year as we returned to school there was a huge push to make sure everyone in the building was in a professional org. so they were covered with insurance....just a ploy so these groups can impress politicians with their high numbers.

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

One, the graphic isn't working for me! Waaaah!

Two, Texas (and Oklahoma) are right-to-work states, and teachers and other public employees are especially limited in the type of collective action they can take.

I do not patronize Wal-Mart. Even if it wasn't for philosophical reasons, it would be because the stuff they sell is crap.

Darren said...

I support collective bargaining, it's the rest of the political baggage that goes with the state and national teacher unions that I cannot stomach.

And please don't tell me that that political baggage is all about improving education. No it's not. It's about advancing a leftist agenda. If those unions focused on nothing but Darren's pay, benefits, and working conditions, then I'd rejoin. Want to take a "teachers'" stand on the war, or against parental notification for abortions, or against Wal*Mart? Count me out. Those don't contribute to my pay, benefits, or working conditions.

Ellen K said...

Interesting observations by all. Although I don't mind a company making a profit, I think that Walmart is a great example of what greed can do to a company. When I quit teaching the first time, I worked for a Dallas based company that regularly posts on the "Best Places To Work" lists, and I just shake my head and laugh. Greed gets into the mix no matter where you work. There is a bottom line in every sector of life including education. I personally wouldn't mind having more clout with the state of Texas, but the NEA and TSTA are so full of hot air and agendas that have NOTHING to do with education, that I can't in good faith say that the outcome would be any better with them logged on as unions. In fact, I think the result would be more contentious than it is now, and believe me, that's going some.

P.S. I was SO GLAD that Arlington voted that Grusendork out of office. And no, that's not a typo.

Mike in Texas said...


We used to call him "Little Hitler", what with the mustache and all.

I hope the next one the Texas Parent PAC takes out is Florence Shapiro. For someone who was supposedly a teacher (although her certificate is long expired) she sure doesn't like public schools or teachers very much.